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      HOME - Product - LTJ-Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensor

      LTJ-Magnetic Pattern Recognition Sensor

      Key Features

      1. Tunneling Magneto-Resistance (TMR) technology

      2. Compatible with Murata & Nikkonshi products.

      3. Customized products are available per request.

      4. Ultra-High sensitivity comparing with InSb & GMR products.

      5. Excellent CMRR performance due to differential design.

      Typical Applications

      1. Note the magnetic signal detection;

      2. Magnetic ink detection: confidential paper, cheques, bills, etc。

      Part Numbering

      LTJ XM 060A YYMMDD000

      ① Product ID

      ② Type

      ③ Characteristics

      ④ Individual Specification Code

      * “(Part Number)” shows only an example which might be different from actual part number.
      * Any other definitions than “Product ID” might have different digit number from actual part number.

      Products List

      Series Channels Channel Width Detection Width Remark
      LTJ- XM-006 1 6 6 Single-Channel
      LTJ- XM-030 3 10 30 Multi-Channel
      LTJ- XM-060 6 10 60
      LTJ- XM-063 7 9 63
      LTJ- XM-120 12 10 120
      LTJ- XM-180 18 10 180
      LTJ- XM-180 180 0.5 90Magnetic Map Reader