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      ???????"Hui hui science and technology financial credit life" as the theme of 2014 China international finance show on August 28 to August 31, was held in Beijing exhibition center. Wuxi Lertech technology co., LTD., as a study with great concentration TMR magnetic sensor of high-tech companies, with its strong technical strength in the exhibition, has received the widespread attention of financial equipment manufacturers.

      ???????Lertech technology has advanced XMR wafer and element of design, manufacturing capacity, has a magnetic sensor chip of large-scale production capacity. Show the appearance of TMR magnetic sensor series products including hard and soft magnetic material recognition sensor, euro sensor, magnetic orientation recognition sensor and magnetic sensor, etc., can be widely used to financial security, nondestructive flaw detection, medicine and other fields. LeEr through technical innovation of science and technology, brought more advantages of the technology of TMR, compared with in the same industry at home and abroad, to achieve a higher performance, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution, greater cost efficiency, simplify the production process, greatly reduce the cost of production.

      ???????It is worth mentioning that Lertech technology during the show live demonstration "magnetic image scanning equipment", high attention of the personage inside course of study. LeEr independent research and development of science and technology, the equipment can be fast to scan, paper money, such as magnetic ink and present magnetic signals in the display image. Is the most amazing magnetic image display pixels up to 353 dpi, higher than the iphone 4 326 dpi display pixels, can be used for paper money counterfeit detection and other fields. At the same time we also look forward to working with partners to develop new applications for magnetic image scanning equipment. The successful design of the magnetic image scanning equipment, fully shows the LeEr technology research and development capabilities in the field of magnetic sensor TMR.

      ???????In the face of the sensor industry rapid development brings new opportunities and challenges, Lertech technology will be supported by the company's core resources and technology, guided by market demand, improve product innovation and scheme solving ability, for partners to create more value.